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    Bug with tabs STILL!


      Hi there is a bug with the tab layout where by if you click on a pop over above a tab the pop over will not display when it over laps the tab.

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          Hi liltbrockie,


          Sorry, I think I must be misunderstanding your description, as I'm unable to reproduce it (at least on a Mac running OS X 10.8.3).  I just placed a popover on a layout, slightly above a tab panel control, and in the "Popover Setup" HUD I set the popover options to "appear [downward, i.e., overlapping the tab panel control] when possible."  Result: the popover opens just fine and overlaps the tab panel control as expected.  Am I misunderstanding your post?


          Also, it's worth noting that popovers are brand new to the current version of FMP, so, if there were to be a bug related to their display identified and reproduced by the developer community, it would remain still present at least until a v-rev comes out.  (Mind you, I may have missed previous community/forum discussion of this exact issue, in which case, ignore this post.  There is a behavioral constraint re popovers not expanding over top of a web viewer that was described by seedcode, over here, although whether or not that one constitutes a bug is probably open to interpretation.)





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            Popovers don't overlap interactive container fields on OS X 10.9.x either.  But their panels are scrollable when this occurs.

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              Thanks, jml.  I wasn't aware of that one.  The "interactive" part seems to be the common thread btwn your observation and John's observation re web viewers.  That is, a popover won't display over a web viewer object that displays web data, but will open just fine over a blank (i.e., no data or url) web viewer. 


              ("Blank web viewer! What the…?"    ANS: I can't remember where I first learned this trick, years ago, but I like to use a blank web viewer to intercept layout background clicks, and thus suppress either automatic commits or a dialog asking if the user is ready to save changes.  Makes forms behave more like those in standard applications.  Sorry, a bit off topic, I know.)



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                Yeah sorry forgot to mention that the tab object contained a container object that held an image!