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Script printing irregular if printing one page out of many?

Question asked by Maclurv on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by blume

Okay, I've hit another anomaly so I'm asking is it me and my computer or something in Filemaker?


I like to look at printed scripts rather than on screen all the time. So I printed off some of the pages of a long script, went fine, and then I noticed I needed one more page. So I went to print just page 3 and got a blank piece of paper. Tried it again, same thing.


I've also noticed that often a script step gets omitted on the bottom of the printed page and the next page starts in as if the last line of script was there.


I'm running on an iMac with Maverick, using FMP Advanced 13.


I did just save script as pdf. The pdf copy also doesn't have all the script steps listed.


Is this a bug in FMP13?