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    Login using Record Data


      Is there anyway to create a login system using data from within the database. I have 570 members who need to connect via Webdirect and register for Classes use a Checkbox list. They need to have access only to their own record? Any ideas. If this were done by start in find mode, is there a way to disable the Cancel or Ctrl J?

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          Sure. I have a couple of databases that do this. I have thought of creating a sample database complete with scripts for those wanting to do this. My use has been not only to create specific user logins, but also to assign custom privileges for access to different menu items.


          Maybe I can whip this up and post it for everyone.



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            Ron, That would be great. With my limited knowledge the only thing I could come up with was a table with no records linked to the table I want them to reqister in. When they put in the matching data the matched record field appears and on exit all data is remove from the empty database.


            I would much prefer to have a real login situation. Please post either actual scripting or theory.


            kirk out : )