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    Special Page Numbers


      I'm working with a price book that is set up with a sort hierarchy of SYSTEM, SECTION and ITEM. I want the pages number to start over with each SYSTEM.

      SYSTEM ONE would start with 100..101..102..etc

      SYSTEM TWO would start with 200..201..etc

      SYSTEM THREE 300..301..etc

      IS there a way to get the page number to start over with each new SYSTEM ?

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          Stephen Huston

          This feature isn't supported by FM's native page number layout object. Restarting page numbering in the middle of a report is an issue, though adding a custom leading-figure to the page number as part of a text box object on the layout is easy.


          I can imagine accomplishing this with a calculated result, though thinking through the rules of how to set the value would require a clear statement of one's rules for page numbering.


          It could also be done, possibly simpler, with a number field in the items table, and a looping script which set the values in the found/reporting set of records as part of the report output script.

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            Thought I would give the work around that I ended up using..

            1st I created a higher step in the hierarchy (Order) with a field that contained the series number for each system (100,200, etc)

            Then created the pageNumber field in the ITEM table (=Order::seriesNumber + GetAsNumber (Get (Page Number))

            The script then creates a PDF of each SYSTEM appending each PDF to the existing PDF.

            End up with a perfect PDF of the whole price book in a folder on the desktop, where it can be printed or emailed to a customer.