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    Guide for PHP and Filemaker


      Hello guys.

      I'm a young developer of Filemaker, I made 1-2 solutions for our small company and now we are thinking about integrating our joomla site with our hosted FM database. Purpose is use FileMaker to control all this data and use joomla site like a small solutions with some functions for our clients.

      But problem is I can't find a ready guide for FileMaker php API that can tell me all abou that from A to Z.

      Can somebody advice some books or a guide for a man like me, who doesn't know php very well?

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          I highly recommend the book "FileMaker API for PHP" by Todd Duell, subtitled "A Practical Guide for Creating Database Driven Web Sites with FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Server 11". Even though it was written for FM 11, the API hasn't changed much since then so it is still relevant. The book includes an address where you can download the example files and source code.


          An older book, "Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9" by Jonathan Stark is also good. I used it extensively when I first got it and still refer to it occasionally. Again, the API isn't that different from when FM 9 was new, so the examples are still useful.


          Another resource I use frequently is http://www.w3schools.com/php/ for general PHP coding questions.


          All my web-based FileMaker projects utilize a tool called FM Studio, a DreamWeaver plug-in. While FM Studio has its problems and detractors, I got sites up and running much faster than I would have without it. It doesn't eliminate the need to know PHP and did help me learn PHP eventually. Now I just use FM Studio to generate basic PHP then focus on modifying that code to do what I need.


          I don't know much about Joomla, so hopefully someone will chime in with info about integrating Joomla with FM databases.

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            I second the book by Todd.  There is a 12 version as well (http://www.amazon.com/FileMaker-API-PHP-Todd-Duell/dp/0615718078).


            No direct Joomla integration experience, but make sure you use their APIs to connect with your PHP pages to push back and forth... attempting to write direct to the MySQL tables will drive you crazy (at least it did for me with Drupal!)

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              I'd like to add a few comments/observations to the advice already given

              1. In my (never very humble) view, you're much better off reading good reference materials and working out how to do things for yourself. Tools like the (thankfully now defunct) Site Assistant, and FM Studio do help you initially to get something up and running, but they tend(ed) to do it in a very 'black box' sort of way, and they don't tend to produce very good code, or even very understandably code, so learning to create sites by utilising their code aren't necesarily a good idea.
              2. If you plan to build more than the simplest of integrations, consider using a framework - something like CodeInitor (for which FM integration has been done - Dan Smith has code ready-rolled on GitHub https://github.com/dansmith65/CodeIgniter-Filemaker-helper) - this perhaps isn't relevant to you for this specific project, since you're already looking to use Joomla, but if you go on to other projects it will be useful to you. There's also the recently released FMWebFrame which could be very helpful to you
              3. Although a little long in the tooth, the blog post from FMMYButler on Joomla integration is still directly relevent to someone starting out and trying to achieve the things you are: http://blog.myfmbutler.com/?p=91
              4. There's another good FM - PHP primer in the Mighty Data blog (http://www.mightydata.com/blog/php-development-for-filemaker-developers/) written by Anders Monsen, who for a number of years has presented at DevCon on FM/PHP integration.
              5. Try to learn about coding standards and best practice coding for PHP - for example see http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-1/
              6. As already mentioned, it's better to use the Joomla API to interact with data (though in my personal experience Joomla is much more forgiving of 'people' manually modifying its database than Drupal)


              Hope this helps


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                Thank you, guys. Your information is really useful for me.

                I already learning for php coding, learned some basic stuff like connecting php pages and MySQL db.

                I will try to look all books and links that you gave me.


                And sorry for bad english, it's not my native language.