How to show in one layout all companies, search on them and preview one out of the found set?

Discussion created by disabled_Luna.media on Feb 21, 2014
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Hi there,


I struggle to develope a certainly quite comme task. I have a table of companies and want to show in one layout on the left hand side a list of all companies, above a search field with a trigger to search and show in the list only matching companies - and if a company is selected to show detail data of the company on the right hand side.


What I tried: a default-table with one dataset (id and a global "searchtext" field), a cartesian realtionship with the company-table and a layout based on the default-table with a portal to the companies. Sure, all companies are shown. But searching on them does not work (setting he comany name field in the table-portal to the searchtext), always all companies are shown.


Any hints?


Kind regards, Luna