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Reformating fields from script

Question asked by sgbotsford on Feb 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2014 by mark_b

I'm working on an inventory application for use with an iPad. Trying to do everything with popups. I know that I have mislabeled inventory. When certain types of corrections are made, I want to highlight other fields that should be checked. That highlight is then removed by touching the item twice, once to open up the popup box, once to close it.


Groveling through the script wizard, I've not found a way to set background color or border width, from within the script.


Another post has made references to functions that are not in the script wizard. I'm guessing that I need to access some form of script editor, and also a reference for fm funtions.


Eventually I also want to disable going to the next record until all highlighted boxes have been cleared.


Is this possible?


Is this a good way to go about getting better data entry?