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    Cascading conditional lists.


      Could someone point me to an online fm file with a 3-4 tier cascading selection list. I've tried several of the recipes on this forum but there is some concept I'm missing. I get partial lists, but restricted in odd ways.


      I eventually want a click on a field to open a popover window with a 4 tier set of conditional popup lists each one cascading from the one above it.

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          Part of the 'trick' is to clear selections when moving to different lists. For example, if you have a state list, then select a city list, next a zone list. What should happen if you select a new state? The other lists should clear current selections.


          Another thing that may help is to use globals for the selecting and then push (if needed) to a record.


          Otherwise, it's all based on the relationships to make each list populate.


          What examples have you found that you are trying to analyse?


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