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Email Multiple Attachments with 360Works Plugin

Question asked by mc6994 on Feb 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by mgaslowitz

I am trying to email multiple attachments using 360Works Plugin, but I seem to only send the last attachment in the Loop. I guess i don't quite understand how to invoke the EmailAttachFile (data) function correctly. The two main commands i use to create an email message and add attachments are:

Set Variable[$Result; Value:EmailConnectSMTP(" and EmailCreate (From; To; EmailSubject) and EmailAttachFile($TempFilePath)]


Then later:


Set Variable[$AddAttachment; Value:$AddAttachment and EmailAttachFile($TempFilePath)]


I also Tried:


Set Variable[$Result; Value:$Result and EmailAttachFile($TempFilePath)] and also Set Variable[$Result; EmailAttachFile($TempFilePath)]. None seem to resolve this issue. Only the last attachment is sent.


One thing I don't understand is why i have to set a variable to invoke the EmailAttachFile function.


For more info on 360Works plugin:


The snipet of code I am using is attached.


Any help to get me unstuck would be greatly appreciated.







(Note: i didn't know initially that i could get a file directly out of a container field and into an email. That's why i first exported it to a tempfilepath. When i rewite this code, i will change the approach).