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Autoenter calculation help

Question asked by ziceg on Feb 23, 2014
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I'm trying to get an autoenter calculation to happen on a couple of fields when a particular event happens, but not having much joy.


I have a field called Received where it has a checkbox/radial button that when it get's checked as "yes" (only option) I need it to then enter information in a couple of other fields:

- Received by (Account Name) of person who checked that "Yes" in Received

- Receive on (Timestamp) on when that person checked that "Yes" in Received.


I have tried to put a script trigger (both OnObjectExit and OnObjectModify) on the Received field in the data entry layout but did not work, most problably issue was in script attached to it, but not sure where I wen't wrong.


Script =

Insert Calculated Result [Select; Production::Received by; Get ( AccountName)]

Insert Calculated Result [Select; Production::Received by; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp)]


Hope someone can help me. Many thanks in advance