Imports avoiding 729 errors ?

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Feb 24, 2014
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Is it possible to avoid the 729 errors doing imports on specified fields, so than even if a user is editing a record (but not those fields), the import wouldn't fail ?

Or at least a FAST way to know which records were skipped (so to re-update them later).

Or is it possible via privelges sets to let FMP ignore locking of those fields even if the record is locked.



Solution background :


My solution manages product inventories in 10 wharehouses. Theres 3500 Products.

My user need a list view with all the wharehouses inventories in colum.

That's potentially : 3500 * (10 colums + 2 colums for sku and name).

People often handle 100 to 3500 foundste with an average of 600. They do sorts constantly.

Moreover the invotories data needs to be updated every 10 minutes.


Navigating,sorting, searching AND updating should be extremely fast (or as fast as possible)



Of course the obvious thing would be to have the invotories stored in another table than the main one. That's obviously what's I've done before. I had to re-put the inventories in 10 fields for performances reasons because Filemaker can't work fast with related data and unstored fields (yes that's so true unfortunately).

I did everything that was possible i think :


ESS : no way, way to slow

Importing in invotories table, then replace the fields in main table, slower than import and record locking issue

Importing in invotories table, then set fields loops in main table, way to slower for the data refresh

Of course I did eveythuing server side (after having doing it via a bot).


The fastest way for imports as well as for solution usage is to import in the main dabase with 10 fields. But obviously this fails on locked records.


So isn't there a reliable and fast way to import data in the main table ?