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users unable to see databases on server when logged in as network users.

Question asked by cranstonit on Feb 24, 2014
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I have client that has a FileMaker 12 server running. When users are logged into local accounts on Mac Workstations, they are able to navigate to the FileMaker Server in Open Remote, click on the server name under local hosts and see the databases on the server.


When the users are logged into network home directories (These are authenticating against a Synology NAS) they do not see the databases when they click on the FileMaker Server in Open Remote. The server does show up in open remote so bonjour is present but it doesn't show any available databases.


Any ideas as to what could be causing the problem. We have other clients that are using network accounts in both Mac OD and Windows AD environments and we don't see this issue. The only difference here is that the OpenLDAP server is a Synology NAS device.