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Webdirect Popover Bug

Question asked by mikeryan on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2014 by mikeryan

I believe I've stumbled upon a bug that I haven't seen discussed yet.


On Client #1 (WebDirect):

Starting from a list layout click run a script to GTRR, Show only related records, Current record only.

Land on a layout showing a list of several related records. Show some fields for one of the records on a Popover. (I have a button in the list that loads detail fields.)


Now, on Client #2 (any type):

Make any change, by any means, on any layout to the record showing in the Popover on WebDirect Client #1.


Back to Client #1:

The record in the popover will update, showing data from the wrong record. It will be dat from the last record of the GTRR Found Set.


This issue seems to occur only when GTRR is used to get to the list and only if Cleint #1 is a WebDirect client.


Is this a known issue that I just haven't found a report on? Am I doing something wrong? GTRR is so handy, but should I just avoid it?


Thanks in advance for any feedback.