FileMaker 13 Crashing on simple scripts

Discussion created by tgellar on Feb 25, 2014

Two separate situations are making FM 13 crash. Any thoughts?


1) Moving from a detail layout in form view to a list layout in list view (same table). List layout has a script trigger to sort found set. approx 7000 records


2) Running a simple New Record script

Go to detail layout

New record

Open dialog box to capture text in 1 input field

(Key field enters serial number on commit, not create)

Message Choice 1 will delete record (Cancel)

Message Choice 2 will commit record and user can proceed in detail layout.


The script hangs when the dialog box is opened. The layout did NOT change to the detail layout behind the dialog box. Script works fine when controlled by Script debugger.


FMServer 13 on a Windows 2008 Datacenter.


FMPro 13 Adv on a Mac 10.7 OS, connected through internet.