Custom Theme + Tab Panel + WebDirect = undesired display

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Feb 25, 2014
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All --


I've been working on a FM13 file for which I've created a new custom theme based on the 'Wave Touch" theme. This is displayed in WebDirect, and I'm having a couple of problems. If anyone can confirm them and suggest a fix, I'd appreciate it.


1) I changed the tab panel fill color for the active state from 'no fill' to 'gradient' and set the gradient colors as desired. Looks OK in FMPro, but in WebDirect the fill color is correct until I hover over the tab panel body, when the color goes blank (basically it looks like a screen flash). Very irritating, and MUST be solved.


2) The fill for the tab 'headers' of the tabs retain the behavior of the original theme for the active/hover/pressed states and there seems to be no way to edit this. In other words, I got the color for the 'body' of the tab panel correct for both FMPro and WebDirect, but when one hovers over a different tab, there is an old gradient fill that appears which doesn't match the current color scheme. I can live with this one, but would like a solution as well.


Has anyone else run into these issues and been able to solve them?


For me, being able to customize a theme should mean each and every element of the theme is editable, but it appears this is not the case.


-- Drew Tenenholz