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    Renaming a file in a multi-file solution




      FMP12 Solution with 68 files. Hosted on FM12 server normally.




      I have consolidated 2 files into 1 existing and now I want to rename the existing file using the FMP12 Advanced developer tools. I have done this in the past, but with much smaller solutions. I have loaded all the files into the developer tool list and renamed the one (or more) I wanted. No problems in the past.




      1) With this solution having so many files and many of them being quite large, I am wondering if I can just load the 3 files I touched during consolidation, plus a sub-set of the other files, into the developer tool, and have the rename work. I know which files have relationships into the 3 files and which ones have relationships from/out of the 3 files.


      To get around my worries about the size of some of the files, I realize that I can create clones of all of them and then load all into the developer tool. That way, I don't have too worry about the large file sizes for some of them. The downside is that I would then need to import data back into every file - a rather long and tedious task...


      2) Maybe it would be smart to do the clone, rename (using all files), and import for other reasons that I am not aware of?




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          Stephen Huston

          A couple of points:

          1. Make a copy of the file system so you have a safe copy in case something goes wrong during the DevTools work, then don't be afraid to work on the copies, whatever happens.
          2. Include ALL of the files in the DevTool work. Part of the renaming process is to update external file references to the renamed files in all incldued files which reference them. If some of the files are left out of the process, their external file references won't be fixed. It's not just relationships that need updating, it's mainly the  data references in any files of the solution.
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            Greetings, Doug:


            You're referring to FileMaker type External Data Sources. These can all be updated individually, via the File>Manage>External Data Sources... command. As long as you know what files have a 'relationship' (of any kind, including scripted, value lists or via the relationship graph) to the file whose name has been changed, you can manually re-specify the new file name within each of those other files. This works the same in .fp7 and .fmp12 format files. Prior to v7, these external file relationships were all hidden and required the developer tool and/or third party tools to change or fix.


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              I have worked with a system with 112 files over a Windows network.  To rename any one of the files I would copy all files and place them in a folder on my desktop.  I would disconnect my PC from the network (to prevent updates to the hosted files) and do the renaming.  Then I would spend some time (less time than doing 112 data imports) walking through the files, testing crucial functions.  If all worked well, I would kick all users off the network, run a FMS backup and do the renaming.  While still single user, I would again do some brief testing and when satisfied all was fine, let the other users get back on the system.  The important thing is to have a recent backup of the entire system.

              Cheers, Mark

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                Mark: I was hoping that someone else had successfully used the rename function on a large solution. I am aware of the need for a backup, testing, etc. I have also done the unplug from network thing before, but in this current case, I can't because I am connecting in remotely via VPN. I then use Remote Desktop to connect a local PC that I use as a pseudo workstation.


                Erik: I am aware of the external references and so forth, but thanks for the input.


                Stephen: Thanks for the additional recommendation to include all files in the rename process. In the back of my mind, I wanted to go this route to let the tool do its job, and not worry about missing something.


                Thanks again.