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Renaming a file in a multi-file solution

Question asked by BowdenData on Feb 25, 2014
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FMP12 Solution with 68 files. Hosted on FM12 server normally.




I have consolidated 2 files into 1 existing and now I want to rename the existing file using the FMP12 Advanced developer tools. I have done this in the past, but with much smaller solutions. I have loaded all the files into the developer tool list and renamed the one (or more) I wanted. No problems in the past.




1) With this solution having so many files and many of them being quite large, I am wondering if I can just load the 3 files I touched during consolidation, plus a sub-set of the other files, into the developer tool, and have the rename work. I know which files have relationships into the 3 files and which ones have relationships from/out of the 3 files.


To get around my worries about the size of some of the files, I realize that I can create clones of all of them and then load all into the developer tool. That way, I don't have too worry about the large file sizes for some of them. The downside is that I would then need to import data back into every file - a rather long and tedious task...


2) Maybe it would be smart to do the clone, rename (using all files), and import for other reasons that I am not aware of?