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    How to add records as headings to xls export


      This concerns:

      Scripting, FM12 advanced, XLS-Export


      Problem: When exporting data to Excel, bold coloumn headings are generated from field names. This takes away the possibility of adding explanatory headings & forces me to change field names in the FM database to ease user's understanding.
      However, this only works for ONE language - I cannot use alternative field names for additional languages, can I?


      My hope for a solution: I' d love to insert records above the actual data rows exported into the excel file. ...but how?





      I am offering the user, in my runtime FM 12 solution, an xls Export for the Revenue Report.



      First, I filter like this:

      Sort by year

      Sort by accounts


      Then I export the data to xls:

      For the Excel export (via script), I am deprived of adding explanatory labels. The Excel report feature is cool, but the grouping works from left to right, making it harder to understand for many users.



      Yearbalance by year
      accountbalance by account
      201320,943 USDaccount A9,343 USD

      account B1,343 USD

      account C2,343 USD

      201483.934 USDaccount A9,343 USD

      account B15,343 USD

      account C47,343 USD



      Does anybody know of a way to add records before this grouped xls export? With these 2 or 3 rows, I could explain what the data below means.


      This is an example with 2 groups only. However, I do sort data by 3 and more criteria, making the excel table wider and wider.


      THANKS for your ideas !