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    Popover workarounds - article updated


      Just updated our Dec 5 article on FM13 popover workarounds to include notes on conditionally opening popovers and telling when a popover is open.






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          Using FM 13.

          I have a global Variable that I set when a popover opens and then I clear it out when the Pop Over Closes. This tells the system that PopOver is open...Both are done with Script Triggers On Object Enter & On Object Exit...When I am clearing the global on Exit I use the refresh window just to makes sure it clears...


          I am having an issue where SOMETIMES the global is not clearing when the user is exiting the popover, I have only had this happen on a Mac machine; and it seems incredibly random...Although we know that cant be true. This is driving me crazy! Is there a reason why it may not be clearing OnObjectExit? It seems like for some reason the script doesn't fire once in a while...Or is there a better way to tell if Popover is indeed open.This is driving me NUTS.Thank You!

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            I tested this in FileMaker 15.0v1 on the Macintosh and it worked fine for me but your file is likely a lot more complicated. I'm wondering if another script trigger might be conflicting with it somehow. Are there any other triggers that can fire on that layout? Even with the Script Debugger on, sometimes a script will not display when it runs. I had this happen when running a find script and a script trigger fired during the find script execution. It caused a part of the find script to not work but never showed in the Script Debugger. It was a pain to troubleshoot but has always made me wary of running too many script triggers on one layout. Maybe my story will help you troubleshoot your issue. Good luck.

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              Thanks for your help; haven't resolved the issue yet, but all suggestions are welcome!