Multi key versus many-2-many

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I’m looking for a way to make a selection on a checkbox set. I

If the checkbox is checked it must generate or delete a record in a N->M relation, the join table "CategorieSelectie".


I could also with a multikey value in Project and don't use a join table.

I have never had experience with multi-key field, but no idea ho to do it else.


I’have no idea where to start because the layout must be based on a table, but which one?

And the checkbox set is 1 field with checkmarks based on the fact if there is a record for that project and that particular code.

The value list is a calculated field of a concat of: sfbcode ¶ “ : “ ¶ Onderdeel

But on what field must the checkbox set being defined?

I guess there is a script involed to determine a add or delete of a record based on the checkmark….clueless…


Any suggestions? That would be great…Thanks.