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    Authentication Failed Log (for script run on server)


      I have a FM 13 database hosted on FM 13. This database also connects to a second FM database (thru Manage External Datasources) to a second FM DB on the FM server. Everthing appears to work fine except...


      I am seeing the following warning logged in Status (FM 13 Server).


      Warning: Client "Import Wellmark Claim Status (Dispense ID) - deninger 1441 (server) []" Authentication failed on database "Rx Files.fmp12" using deninger [fmapp]"


      The client listed in the warning is actually the name a script in the main DB. This script is being called to run on the server by a script step:


      (Perform Script on Server ["Import Wellmark Claim Status (dispense ID)" ; Parameter: PFW Clin::DispenseID )


      The script is simple in function: It switches to the layout needed and performs the script step:


      Import Records [No dialog; DNS Pharmaserv ; Calculated SQL Text: $sql; Add ; Mac Roman]


      And then returns to the original layout.


      The mystery is that NOTHING in the called script requires access the "Rx Files.fmp12" DB. I have ensured that "Rx Files.fmp12" has added the accessing FM DB file (under Manage Security / File Access). So I am mystified why I am getting an authorization error.


      Any pointers would be appreciated!