FMS 13 Read Only Intrusion after using Download option

Discussion created by mardikennedy on Feb 24, 2014
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Earlier today I reinstalled my dev copy of FMS 13. After that, I uploaded two files. All opened fine and I got on with some work. No backup schedule ran during this time. A couple of hours later I Quit from FMP; used the Admin Console to Close the two files and then used the Admin Console to Download the two files.


Thereafter I used the Admin Console to Open the same two hosted files again. At this point I got a message that the Admin Console had opened one of the files as Read Only because it had hard links and therefore may be a backup file. Oh really? This is the same file that opened fine a couple of hours earlier. Where have these "hard links" come from? (Actually, the other file is a UI file, reading from the first one. I'd been working on reporting-oriented scripts, so scripts both sides. ???Any chance that this scripting somehow 'looks like' hard links? Highly unlikely but so is the problem (I think).)


Have others had this experience?


My freshly downloaded copy appears to open fine locally but I'm a bit annoyed that I seem to need to Close and Remove the existing (1.6 Gb) file from FMS 13 and then Upload a fresh copy of the file, rather than being able to use the existing hosted copy. Any alternatives? Any ideas on what triggered this little time-wasting exercise? (Yes, I've checked the logs and no useful hints there that I can see.)


Also, is there any chance that the downloaded copy has some inconspicuous crud and, if so, how best to 'clean' it?


All the best,

Mardi Kennedy