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Discussion created by oraco on Feb 24, 2014
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Hi All


Really looking to be pointed in the right direction as I have read a lot of posts already in the particular areas for concern for my team.


We are about to take on a client using FM, who is wanting their local sql tables to talk with the server sql. We are PHP developers and have already read some issues faced by other users using the PHP code, in particular new versions of PHP


My question is this - setting up FM sql to talk with an Apache server, easily done? BTW I am not the programmer, I am just doing all the leg work, so excuse me if some of my terms are a little mixed up.


The website once made will be hosted on a VPS for better use of resources. The client needs to be able to communicate his local sql with the online version. We have already decided not to do this with a live sql, to avoid any conflicts occurring. Is there anything else that my team will need to know.


In a nut shell I wanting to know if this project is going to cause us a lot of headachs if we take it on. My team believes we can make it work, never have worked with Filemaker before, so the challenge is there. Not that we need to know FM like our client does, we just need to create the data relationships between his local sql and the server.


Any suggestions or help is already appreciated.