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Scroll to Acive Record in List View

Question asked by rmittelman on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2017 by tomswell

I am using the Contacts starter solution for my project. When viewing the Contacts tab, clicking on a contact record takes you to the Contact Detail tab and displays the contact as expected. When clicking back on the Contacts tab the list view is scrolled to the top, even though the contact just viewed is still active. This can be verified by scrolling the list manually and noticing that the contact is still highlighted in the list.


When returning to the list view tab, it would be preferable to see the active contact still in the visible portion of the list. Can anybody help with a script step or a setting which would cause the active record to be visible when activating the list view tab?


Choosing Records > Go to Record > Next, then repeating with Previous causes the record to become visible in the list view, but I hesitate to script this because it may cause an error if you are already on the last record, right?