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PHP - can't get it to run a Filemaker script

Question asked by robertwoods on Feb 25, 2014
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Hello all, first post ... thanks in advance for any help


I have FMS13 running and have created my first PHP CWP test. I'm trying to reduce the quantity of a stock item by running a script that exists in my FileMaker Pro database. My PHP file (enclosed) successfully displays the stock record, and a box for me to enter a value to reduce the stock level by.


When I click the button it should run a script in the Filemaker database that reduces stock. I've actually hard-coded that Filemaker script to always reduce the stock level by 4, to reduce the complexity.


However, when I run it all, I get no errors, everything looks great, but it hasn't run the script in Filemaker. If I use the FileMaker Pro client on my Mac to run the script, the script does what it is supposed to do. But from CWP, nothing.


What might be preventing the script from running? I have the privileges set to allow PHP in the Manage->Security... dialogue and I'm logging in with a name/password that uses the <<Full Access>> group.


Any ideas at all what my obvious mistake might be. PHP files enclosed, they are derived very closely from some sample files that Filemaker provide.


Thanks for any guidance you can give.


PS The FileMaker script is this :-



Go to Layout [ “IWPStart” (Stock) ]
Set Error Capture [ On ]
Enter Find Mode [ ]
Set Field [ Stock::StockCode; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

Perform Find [ ]

If [ Get ( FoundCount )>0 ]
Set Field [ Stock::InStock; Stock::InStock - 4 ]

End If