FMS 13/ 12 - Ongoing storage of "Removed" files

Discussion created by mardikennedy on Feb 25, 2014
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Yesterday I was poking around on my dev copy of FMS 13 (OSX 10.9.1) and noticed that files which had been "Removed" via the Admin Console remained in 'special storage', ie dedicated folders within the FMS application/ Library file structure. (Sorry, can't be more specific on the file path, no Mac on hand today.) This was particularly noticeable given that one file was 1.6 Gb. In that case I 'squished it' by overwriting it with a clone with the same name, so it came down to 8 Mb.


Questions: Does the same principle apply to FMS 12? Do the Mac and PC versions function the same in this regard?


Extra info: Today I am with the FMS 12, Windows server which hosts around 85 files of varying sizes. Files get swapped out on this server quite frequently, with various sandbox names. Are those "Removed" files 'accruing' in some special, buried storage on the server? I can't 'see' the whole structure in this case - I only have access to the Admin Console and the actual Backups folder - so I need to know if I need to liaise with IT to do some housekeeping.


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Mardi Kennedy