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FM Go 13 revert loop

Question asked by ericjungemann on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by rgordon

There are some other discussions on getting into a revert loop but we've found another consistent way and wonder if any others have seen this (FMGO 13 on iPad Airs and FMS 13 Mac):


If the user swipes the screen while one layout is transitioning to another layout, you get a revert loop most of the time.

Force quit seems to be the only answer.


In the short run, we're advising folks to only shut the lid on our (benign) main menu. And to let Go do layout transitions without user activty. But, if they get disconnected, then they (we) are obviously not in control.


We're trying to figure out if we have any control of this.


Anyone else seen this or give it a try on your app for us? Or any input on prevention?