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Value List for drop down list

Question asked by borimard on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by jbante

Hi there,


I have a drop down field to 'search' for a product to add to an estimate - using a values list using values from a specified field.


Say, for instance, I had the following list of products I sold:


FileMaker Pro 13

FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced

FileMaker Go 13

FileMaker Server 13


Is there a way of typing 'advanced' into the search field and it bringing up just the products that have the word in it (FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced)? Or do I have to type the product in, starting with the first letter - 'F' - which will bring up all products starting with F, reducing the list as continue to type the product name in?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.