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    Value List for drop down list


      Hi there,


      I have a drop down field to 'search' for a product to add to an estimate - using a values list using values from a specified field.


      Say, for instance, I had the following list of products I sold:


      FileMaker Pro 13

      FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced

      FileMaker Go 13

      FileMaker Server 13


      Is there a way of typing 'advanced' into the search field and it bringing up just the products that have the word in it (FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced)? Or do I have to type the product in, starting with the first letter - 'F' - which will bring up all products starting with F, reducing the list as continue to type the product name in?


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.





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          D -


          Type-ahead using a value list only functions from the start of the text. However, you can implement a search such as you suggest using an OnKeystroke trigger and a global field. Basically, you fire the script on each keystroke to perform a search in a list view. You capture the value in the global field, perform the search, and put the cursor back in the search field.


          A refinement of the technique, suggested by Jeremy Bante, involves using an OnTimer trigger to improve performance. This refinement involves firing the OnTimer script instead of the search script on each keystroke, only performing the search if the timer times out. This will prevent the search delay after each keystroke, because it will only perform the search when the user pauses his typing.





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            Hi Mike,


            Thank you for your response...tis much appreciated.


            I'll get straight onto Google now to get further informaiton on the two options you propose, to see if I can figure out how to use them (eeek).


            Thanks again,


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              For reference, the search-as-you-type OnTimer technique is demonstrated by the Auto Quick Find module.