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    Remote Connection to FM Server 13


      I just downloaded a FM Server 13 trial and am trying to test it out using FM Go. I have opened the port 5003 on the iMac that is running the server, but I am still having trouble connecting to the server remotely. I have been on the phone both my internet provider (at&t) and FM tech support and neither one have been able to offer any more trouble shooting suggestions. Filemaker claims that because the server works within our network, that it is an issue with the provider. at&t has checked to ensure that the port is open, but cannot offer any other suggestions.


      Are there any other common problems with the set up that I can look into?

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          Are you trying to access it by it's LAN IP address or it's WAN IP address?


          If you are on the same network as the server (LAN), then the IP should be something like or whatever was assigned.


          If you're connecting via WAN, you need to make sure port 5003 is also setup as accepted in your router. You might also need to set up port forwarding in your router so your router knows to send 5003 traffic to your filemaker server. Your ISP will only check the connection going to your network, not your network itself.


          Also, something like DynDNS to manage your WAN IP from changing might be advised for you. I still recommend that anyone hosting a server has a Static IP for WAN connections, but DynDNS does seem to work.


          Do you have a copy of Filemaker pro on the server that can open the sample database and verify that filemaker server is installed correctly and is hosting?

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            Make sure the port is open in bound and outbound.  I'm not sure what tools are available to check on an iPad, but I had problems with a remote site because of this using FM Pro.