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Excel range names not recognized ... huh?

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 28, 2014
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I was successfully importing an Excel v 11 file into my FM data then I discovered that Excel allows for the creation of 'dynamic' range names. Kewl!


So, I change my Excel range definition to =OFFSET(INFO!$R$12,0,0,COUNTA(INFO!$R$12:INFO!$AD$612),13) and suddenly FM 13 does not recognize my ranges?


Yes, if I make the range a typical $A$1:$G$22 the range name works.


Waz up with that?


Is there a work around? As is I define the range as 1000 rows, import all 1000 rows then proceed to delete the rows that have just a PK... What a waste...


Thanks for your thoughts.