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iPad vs IPhone Inconsistent Behavior

Question asked by dchretien on Feb 28, 2014
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I have a solution in which users use iPhones or iPads to enter data. The layout that they use has a global field that is used as a key in a relationship to the entire table. They enter an ID number into the global field, and it retrieves the data related to that ID. Then, they can modify the existing data, through the related fields. When they finish editing, they tap a button that calls a script that clears the global ID field, and goes to that field so that they may enter another ID.


As each entry is update, the latest values are shown on a display that is showing another layout using FileMaker Pro.


Everything has been working smoothly.


Recently, the IPads have begun to act strangely. (iPhones are working just fine, as they had been.)


Now, on iPads (and only on the iPads), when you tap the button to enter enter a new ID, the data does not always seem to commit unless the user enters that same ID again. (The updated data does not show on the "latest entries" display, until the user re-enters that ID. At that point, the edited data shows on the iPad, and on the "latest entries" display.)


In addition, tapping the button to enter a new record on the iPad, frequently leads to a "spinner" that don't stop. Tapping the screen brings up a dialog asking if the user wants to stop execution of the current script (which should be the" clear the global field and go to it" script). If the user cancels the script, the number and data display, and then the button seems to work the second time around.


While the layouts are arranged differently because of the different screen sizes, the same fields and popover buttons are on both layouts. (There are some different graphics and text on the iPad layouts as compared to the iPhone layouts, but the fields and buttons are identical.)


I'm at a loss to explain this. My only thought at this time is that the iPad layout has somehow become corrupted, but I don't know how to verify that quicly and easily.


Has anyone else encountred differences in behavior between the iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Go 13?


Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


--Dennis Chretien