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    Buttons & WebDirect


      Is anyone experiencing disappearing of buttons in WebDirect?. Sometimes they do not show up in WD. To solve the issue, I need to open de file in FMP, go to Layout mode and do something in the layout (it does not really matter what I do). After doing that the button will show up again in WD. However, after some time, curiosly, it is not shown. It is there, since if you click into the area that it should be, it executes the corresponding script. What I am missing?

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          I would try removing all of the formatting from it, also make sure it doesn't overlap into any other layout parts (IE header/footer/body), as this can cause strange behavior.


          Also, it's fast becoming best-practice to build new layouts specifically for WD use. Was this layout converted from < FM11 previously?


          Aside from that, I have not seen any random disappearances of objects from my WD layouts, but I've built all of my WD layouts from scratch to be purpose-oriented.

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            Hi Mike,


            This is a new layout build from scratch, as you said. When you say to remove all formating from the button, does it mean that I can place an image, etc. in it? The button is placed inside a portal row, does it gives any problem?



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              I'd imagine it could certainly cause an issue. Not only are you using an image as a button, but you're also placing it in a portal! Make sure there's plenty of space around the button inside the portal row, it should not overlap the row boundary at all.


              Is your button an image itself? Is it a container? Or do you have an object with an image set as a background? The latter might be a better use for buttons.

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                Most of the buttons I use in FMP and FMG are created the same way, using and image as a background, scaled to fit the size of the button. I would double check the space around the buttons. As I said, when they do not show up, I have to go to layout mode and modify something in the layout (i.e. adding a shape) and then it is shown again when accessing from WD. It is a refresh issue? Does it give any clue?

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                  You said it clicks and performs the script action regardless of if the image loaded, so I think it's a loading issue.


                  I would be curious to inspect the "ghost" button with firebug or chrome inspector to see if the object style states it has an image set as a background. You might be able to track it down to a loading vs. a styling issue.