WMF does not scale in WebDirect

Discussion created by kmtenor on Feb 28, 2014

I am building a digital signage solution for our company in Filemaker. One of the requirements is to make it possible for "real time" data to be displayed alongside slides provided by the HR and Marketing departments.


Rather than attempt to switch layouts to move between the static slides and the real time data, we are using the following technique to capture layouts of real-time data and insert them into containers:


Enter Browse Mode

Go to Layout ["Real Time Data"]

Enter Preview Mode []

Copy [Select]

Enter Browse Mode []

Go to Layout ["slides"]

Perform Find [Restore] (goes to known ID of the slide in question)

Go to Field [slides::containerField]

Paste [Select]


This works GREAT when the generated image is viewed in Filemaker - images created as above are scaled properly to the screen. But for deployment of our solution, we would like to utilize Filemaker WebDirect with Server 13. When preview-pasted images are viewed in webDirect, they do not scale at all. JPG and PNG files are scaling just fine.


I can certainly export the container's contents, call imageMagick from a "Send DDE Execute" step, and then re-import the image as a JPG or PNG to the container. But that seems like unnecessary work.


Can anyone tell me if this is a problem with WMF graphics (which is what is created in the container when the paste step is called on a Windows machine) or if it's a bug in webDirect that is likely to be fixed in a future release?