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Portal filtering calculation

Question asked by colinmatthews on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by colinmatthews

Hi all,


I have a Timetable of weekly tasks that a user needs to complete and I would like that user's dashboard to display only the tasks from that timetable that corresponde to the particular day of the week.


For example, if a user signs in today they will see on their dashboard a list of Friday's tasks only. Below is a screen shot of the timetable:




- Each row in the timetable is a portal

- Each portal relates to a table for each task (tasks listed on the left)

- All task tables have a field for each day of the week.

- I have the following relationships in place: PKDashboard -< FKTimetable, PKTimetable -< FK*whichever*Task



Is it possible to do this?


Many thanks for your help.