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    RosettaNet and Filemaker integration


      Hi all.


      I have to deal with a RosettaNet project.


      Our Filemaker file can import or export RosettaNet standard xml files.


      We do have to find a (cheap) solution to manage sending/receiving RosettaNet messages to/fm partner.

      Solution should get files from Documents FMS folder to include them into messages prior to sending them.

      Solution should extract xml files from "service content" of each received Rosettanet message and put them into Documents FMS folder.


      Any advice?

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          Send / Receive by???



          ftp (to/from remote server)?

          watched folder (linked to FMserver)?


          Please specify OS platform and version.



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            Hi Beverly,


            sorry for missing infos,


            Our partner request is to connect and exchange Rosettanet messages by HTTPS.


            FMserver watched folder is a subfolder of "Documents" folder (the one where FMS can put and get files by server side scripts).


            FMserver it's V.12 and it'is running on a Win7 Pro machine.


            In our office network there is also a Win Small Business Server 2011 used as a file server (no FM or FMS on it).

            (I add this last info just in case it's useful for any suggestion)