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Changing the "Default" Value of Global Fields without Unhosting the File

Question asked by ohmmakers on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by Stephen Huston

I have read several threads that affirm that the default value of global fields in files hosted on FileMaker Server CAN be "reset" by running a scheduled script (via the FMS Admin Console). This has NOT worked for me and I'm not sure why.


Background: I am beginning to construct a large Separation Model solution where I plan on one "Universal Globals" file, a handful of "Data" files, an estimated 30 to 40 "Interface" files (ALL hosted on FileMaker Server 13 running on Mac OS X 10.8), and about 100 clients accessing one or more of those interface files. What I an trying to do is this ... I have set the "Universal Globals" file as an External Data Source in each "Interface" file and use those globals (referenced directly without "opening the file") in various scripts, calculations, etc. I am hoping to simplify management of certain "universal" globals, rather than having to locate and update multiple occurances in multiple files. Additionally, I am trying to avoid the overhead of every user having to open and load this file either as part of an OnOpen script in EACH "Interface" file or (perhaps messier) open and load this file as needed in every script that would require the reference. I'm sure there could be many arguments as to WHY, but I hope to understand whether the "reset" of globals issue is true or not.


My situation: The "Universal Globals" file is a single table, single record file with global fields that are to be the same for everyone, e.g. current fiscal period, corporate address, email server address/port, etc. The global fields are NOT calculated and are "simple" text, date and number fields. The file contains a single script that has a series of SetField steps to "load" the latest "constants". I can run the script from my user session and it works fine – as expected. When I run the same script from as a Scheduled Script from FMS 13 using the Account Name and Password of a [Full Access] account, the new values do NOT stick as some have suggested they should. What might I be missing?