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Looping through $ or $$ variables  -- Super variable?

Question asked by on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2014 by wimdecorte

Thanks in advance for any help.


Is there a construct in FmPro that allows looping through variables, making a "super variable" or group of super variables?

Then possibly query against the "super variable(s)?"

One use in particular would be to create and hold several loan amortization loops in memory, then have the ability to pull down, say, the results or row 60, 120, 180, or any other row and do sumarization calcs and compare the costs of different loan options at different loop iterations.


I realize I can clunkily name every variable by concatenating row info, then stripping it back out if I pull it down and use the vairalbe data, but it seems like there must be a way to just name the rows and not have to mess with adding some ID to the row's data to pick a row's data out.