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Record/Related Record Deletion When Client Loses Connection To Server

Question asked by willjamesconsulting on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by rgordon

I have a client running Server 12.0.5 and FileMaker Advanced 12.0.5 as a client. If I create a quote in my quote table, then go into the portal and enter line items for that quote and the client is disconnected from the server for any reason, both the quote record and ALL of the line item records disappear. I know that they were there because the serial number (primary key) has a gap in the sequence indicating the quote record and line item records did exist. I can replicate this time and again. I have never experienced this before with FileMaker, but I have a client who has lost several quotes and a lot of time as a result.



idQuote serial number is at 102. Create the quote record and it is Quote 103. Date field is populated as well as the customer id number in the quote record.

idQLineItem serial number is at 876. Create 3 line items

Turn off WiFi (simulating loss of connection for any reason)

After 30-60 seconds database error window notifies me that I have been disconnected

Turn on WiFi

Connect to file and go to Quote table

Quote 103 is not present by search or by scanning the last records created.

Creating a new Quote results in Quote 104 (indicating that 103 had been present)

No line items in line item table (confirmed by search and reviewing last records created)

Creating a new line item results in a serial number of 880 (indicating 3 line items had been present)


All serial numbers are created on record creation, not record commit.


I have added a 'Commit Record' script step upon the Quote record creation and a script trigger that commits the records on each line item and it seems to keep the data from disappearing upon a disconnect. Has anyone else seen this?