A Bug report rather than a discussion! Possible OS 10.9.x GTRR issue.

Discussion created by old_cedar on Mar 2, 2014
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Since I am a little late to the review of FMPro 12 and 13 I am hopeful this has been covered by some one before now. Recently I upgraded to OS 10.9.x and the new upgrade. [iMac 2.7 Corei5 @ 8 GB]. Ever since, and prehaps before, I am experiencing multiple mid Layout modification app failures. [in mid modification the process slows and then stops. Then the App fails.] This has occured in both served files and local files on 2 different machines.


Long ago I became enamored with the power of portals [FMPro 3.0] and their abundant uses. One of my favorite applications is the use of GTRR in another table to isolate a found set or single record. The later clearly an option in the GTRR window. That simple later step [GTRR, single record] no longer seems to function under OS10.9.x. In both cases of the GTRR it goes properly to the appropriate table and shows the selected record, but in both cases it also finds all the records in the portal. While I could certainly use a regular find process I would like to continue to use the portal remedy as it allows one to find what is there, rather than what might be there. Finds always assume that the user can set it up correctly. [Phat chance of that everytime.] Simply put it is "User Proof." [A corollary to "idiot proof!"] I am busy now finding work arounds but, would appreciate an Apple or FMI fix.