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    SQL Server to FileMaker Server 13


      Hi Forum


      I have a project coming up where I need to update a file hosted on FileMaker Server 13 (running on OS X 10.9) with data coming from MS SQL Server via ODBC.


      To achieve this is it practical to use FileMaker Server 13s native ODBC capability where Im using FMS13 as a datasource, or will I need a more exotic configuration using the Actual SQL Server ODBC drivers and adding an External SQL Source in the relationship graph.


      Preferably I would prefer the former where I hope I can use the basic SQL INSERT INTO, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE commands to update a FileMaker table as this negates the need for additional drivers (on OS X).


      Any advice and guidance as ever much appreciated.



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          paul_tuckey wrote:



          To achieve this is it practical to use FileMaker Server 13s native ODBC capability where Im using FMS13 as a datasource


          Can you expand a bit on your understanding here?


          FMS13 as a data source would mean that you write the code to push and pull data to and from FMS13 over on the SQL Server side.  Yet it seems that you are talking about a FM functionality you want to use.


          If you want to keep the code in FM then you can either use ESS or the "import from SQL source" (for selects) and "exeucte SQL" script step (for inserts and updates).  In both scenarions you will need a SQL Server ODBC driver and on Mac that means the Actual drivers

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            If you want to use the FileMaker ODBC driver so that MS SQL is sending the statements, seems reasonable and wouldn't need the Actual drivers. The best solution will depend on who you want to have control - the FileMaker developer or the MS SQL developer. The saving of not buying an Actual driver may be lost by the cost of the MS developer & development.

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              Thanks for all your responses.


              Its not so much the cost of the Actual drivers its more to do with my preference of keep things as 'native' as possible. As such I try to avoid plugins and drivers where I can.


              I have a pretty good relationship with the SQL guys and they are happy to give this a shot. I've not had much experience with ODBC on the FileMaker platform and wanted to see if there were any obvious 'gotchas' by going down the FMPS13 as a datasource route.


              As an aside I found this utility via Google


              Which seems like it would be useful for testing SQL commands over ODBC to FMS13. Has anyone had any experience with this or can suggest possible open source alternatives. Looks like it will be most useful useful for testing SQL statements before they are committed to code and for bug hunting purposes.







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                FileMaker ODBC on Windows seems to work quite well, and as far as I know the standard on the Mac side are the Action drivers.


                Hi, if you want to give us a little more detail about the application, we might be able to give better answers.  :-)


                Regarding your utility search: I've had good luck with HeidiSQL on Windows, and there is a java version called jHeidi that is supposed to work on the Mac. Heidi is a native client....ie.. doesn't use ODBC. I use it all the time.


                A quick look google look turned up a couple others, (Dbeaver)