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    Java issues installing FMSA "from scratch"


      I've been trying to install FMSA 12 (Developer copy) on a Windows 7 machine which had previously had the same installed on it. This machine has had Java updated and was on 7.51 when I started this process. I can't seem to get past the prompt to install Java when first trying to launch the deployment wizard. I'm starting by installing from a FMSA 12..0.1 installer and then installing the updates (through 12.5). I've been through pretty much every combination of removing and installing both FMSA and Java, going as far as removing all of both (through the Programs and Features control panel) and starting the installation. I've let the original FM installer install Java 6.29, and the updates install their versions of Java, but in the end I still get the same "you need to install Java, Click here" message when trying to launch the Deployment Wizard. If I go to the Java site install 7.51, still no go.


      Is there something I'm missing? Is there something in the registry that needs to be changed (ugh)?


      Thanks for any input.



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          There's likely some registry keys and files leftover. As a last resort you might try something like Revo uninstaller to uninstall java and FMS before reinstalling FMS, it's important to note that's an opinion, and revo is a program that should not be used lightly.


          At this point of time though, it might just be wiser to reformat the box, as multiple install/uninstall/reinstall instances of the same software can turn the windows registry and related directories into scrambled mush.

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            Thanks for the reply Mike.  This was just going to be a test system for me so I'm not feeling a need to reformat or even go the Revo route.  Often I find there is some easy fix for something, a trick I didn't know about, so I wanted to check.  I'm really not going to miss having to deal with Java so much in 13 Server.


            Thanks again,