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Looking for Business Project or Edu Text Book for Retail or WHSL POS project

Question asked by tguise on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Mike_Mitchell

Thanks in Advance to anyone who can offer some insight into this issue! I do appreciate it greatly.


My daughter is the Ex Dir of a Food Bank Clearing House who accepts food products from farmers and produce houses and then gives them to Food Banks. The food passes through their Cold-Storage Food Refrig for a limited period of time. She asked me if I would be interested in automating her 60+ Excel S/S operation into a DBMS. Sure! (Hard to say no to your children, especially when one is recently retired.)


So, it seems I face 2 problems. First, I am a newbie to FM. (I have programmed BAL, vb6, C++, DB2, Oracle, but that was 20-22+years ago.) But, I can learn...(I hope and pray...:)


Second problem, while I am sure they are pleased with their existing business process, how do I know that it is the "right, or proper" process for such a business? While they may be sure, I am not necessarily sure! With that being said;


Does their exist a Book of Business Projects, or a Text Book of Business Projects that one could use [and study (as needed)] so as to put together a business process that would meet (or confirm) the steps that the customer is using or would be acceptable to Accounting firms that support such businesses? A book of accounting projects that could be used as the foundation for conversion into a FM Solution?


I have looked on the web, but all I find are already made programmatic solutions, of which I don't need. And, I don't feel like signing up to audit 2 semesters of our local Comm College to take accounting....again...


Again, any ideas would be most appreciated.


Best Regards,

Tom G