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Working around WebDirect Session Timeout

Question asked by kmtenor on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by philmodjunk

We are building a digital signage solution for our company, and our plan is to use WebDirect to display the slides, to both save on the cost of the PCs (we can use Linux PCs instead of needing Windows/Mac), and to get a "chrome-less" appearance (most modern browsers can go "full screen", where Filemaker always appears in a window).


The system works great except for the fact that Filemaker Server forcibly shuts down the webDirect connection after the specified timeout in the server (max 60 minutes). Obviously, this won't work for our solution, as we need the signage to run for about 8 hours each day.


Short of writing a shell script to stop and start the browser every hour, is there any way to refresh the session with the server from within a filemaker script? We're not trying to subvert any licensing (we have a site license), but the forcible timeout coming from the server is an issue we have to overcome in order to make this work.