BaseElements 4 vs InspectorPro 4

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Mar 3, 2014
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I'm looking at purchasing either of these. Both are $499, so same price. BaseElements is a FileMaker solution and InspectorPro is an app. Both seem to do about the same thing at a very rough first glance. I did load both of their trials up on my computer and InspectorPro refused to recognize the fields in the XML, but I sent them an email to see if they know what is going on. So if nothing other thing this error for evaluation, I'm probably leaning on BaseElements since it is working. But before plopping down my money, I thought I'd check here on other opinions. I searched Technet and found a discussion on this back in 2011, but figured I would re-ask the question looking at comparing version 4 of the two products. Thanks for any input or advice.