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FMP 13, Maverick = lost connections

Question asked by donnyl on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by stephensexton

Has anyone else experienced repetitive lost connections, specifically using version 13 (FMP, FMPA, & FMS) & Maverick (10.9.x)? Our whole office has been late to the Maverick "party" and now I'm kinda glad. I am one of the first to go Maverick here (just got a new MBP Retina) and I am constantly losing connection to our FM servers. We have 3, each are version 13. I've tested about 4 different Macs on 10.9.x, using versions 12 & 13 (FMP & FMPA). 12 works great but 13 has connection drops on all 4 macs tested. I also tested 4 Macs on 10.8.5 using versions 12 & 13 (FMP & FMPA). Both work great under this scenario. It's just the combination of 13 & Mavericks that's the problem. All macs tested were wired ethernet but I really don't think it's the network. So, is this an isolated phenomena or have others battled this? I definitely welcome any suggestions.