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Checkbox and populate results in a field

Question asked by hjvanes on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by hjvanes

Dear FM PPL,


I have thought a little about this but not sure how best to go about it.


Say I have 3 checkboxes with value list Yes and No


1. Name (If value = "1"; table:name; "" )

2. Address = (If value = "1"; table_address; '')

3. Postal Code = (If value = "1"; table_postcode; "")


I also have a field : address_details


How could I go about populating the address_detail field with "Jane Doe 9999" when checkboxes1 and 3 have been set to yes. Also is there a way that I can go about setting up a particular order the user would like to have the data populated in the field, ie if they want 9999 first followed by Name and the next user may want name followed by 9999.


Any pointers or help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.





PS. Now I know I can put a value list in place with several checkboxes and add them all together into a calculation . But I just want one check box with a value list obtainign values from different fields and having them put into the one field and on the same line and not sepereate lines if that makes sense.