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Avoid FMGo Connection Interrupted

Question asked by IT_User on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by JackRodges


I am made a visitor log system on an iPad.

It needs to be always on, so I made the iPad not sleep. That also means the file cannot be disconnected from the server.

Also, in the file I turned off the "Disconnect user from server when idle" and the "fmreauthenticate" in the security of the user.

However, I believe since the server still disconnects user after a time period it gives the error "Communication with the host was interrupted. Do you want to try to reconnect?" I can't turn that off, since the server holds other files that would need for people to be automatically disconnected.


I would have the file just on the iPad instead of remotely hosted, except that the information needs to be immediately available to the desk right nearby, so that they can do things in FM there.


The only other option I might be able to try is Peer-to-Peer hosting, but I have never been successful in setting that up.


Can anybody help with options?