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    Popver button - "change to hand"?


      Is there a way to have the mouse pointer change to a hand when it's over a popover button? I want to make my popover buttons consistent with other buttons, but I can't find it.


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          Not on the native object, however you can hide the popover button behind a scripted button who's action is to open the popover.


          Kind of lame, but it works.

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            Thanks Mike - that'll do it - just a "Go to object" seems to do it (not a script as such?).  I have to wonder why they didn't make it consistent with other button behavious options, but I won't let it spoil my fun with popovers, which are so great.


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              The popover really isn't a button, it's an entirely new object, hence double clicking it opens the popover and not the "button options" dialog.


              Since the only function of the "button" is to close and open the popover itself, there was probably no expectation for it to have button actions associated with it.


              And yes, the go to object button works, but you can tie it to a script if you need to perform additional checks or actions. I'm in the habit of attaching scripts to most buttons, and titling my script "ButtonAction - (layout/table) - (action)" so I can add actions later. But that's just me

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                I see what you're saying, but as far as the user is concerned, it's something to click on to make something happen, so it's a button. And, at least in the "River" theme, it's surely not a coincidence that they made the defafult styles of buttons and popover buttons the same. 


                But I'm in danger of looking a gift-horse in the mouth here - it's a great feature, and you've given me a good work-around to reduce the potential for user confusion!



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                  My preference is to not use the hand icon, but rather the mouseover state change to indicate a button. But that goes back to my web design days.


                  Ah well, at least you have a workaround!