FileMaker Development as a business - Would you do it again?

Discussion created by mariusjostfm on Mar 3, 2014
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I am based in Germany and will of course do more market research. Still, I wonder what experienced FM developers think about this:


What are your thoughts about..


Selling a service vs. a product

  • Would you recommend to develop a product (or FM Business-Platform) and sell licenses. (Pro: scalable business; Con: Long development time, risk)
  • or would you rather recommend to offer flexible services: Custom FM development (Pro: Project-based service produces revenue as soon as projects are finished; Con: not scalable=you sell your time)


Competition (I know - you might not want to comment this)

  • Has competition increased? Decreased for you?


Market (demand)

  • Are clients increasingly shifting in what their requirements? ..different services, products, support? Do you see a shift from x to y?
  • Is demand stable, increasing, decreasing in your opinion?
  • How local is the business in your opinion. I am quite sure you have to visit clients frequently if you have a services business modell. And I guess that is less the case if you sell a (niche) product.


Any other comment?

- Has the business become, for ex, more complex. Is security more challenging? Is the licensing politics of Apple OK for you?


I am asking all this because I think of starting a FM Dev. business in Germany. Of course I would avoid anything that other German or European FM Devs do.


I do not want to be an industry spy here, and hope this is not off topic. I thought long about if I should post this and ask, but until now I have got so much help und advice, I thought I d give it a try.


Thanks for any advice that will help me avoid making stupid beginner mistakes!