Installing FMS 12 fails with message: FileMaker 7 Server is already installed...

Discussion created by lucroels on Mar 4, 2014
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FMS 12 was installed on a client's MacMini Server 10.8.4 and has been running for several months without any problems.


Recently I could not access the server console, probably due to the automatic Java updates and the related problems.



stopped both fmserverd and fmserver_helperd in the activity monitor

did an uninstall of FMS 12 with the installation package and removed the complete FileMaker Server folder from the Library.

updated Java to the latest release (v7 update 51)



Tried to re-install FMS 12, but after entering the licence code received the message:

"FileMaker 7 Server is already installed...."


No other version of FileMaker was/is installed on this server. I even checked for "com.filemaker.fms.plist" in Library > LaunchDeamons.


After several restarts no change.


I installed my share of FMS on Mac and PC and dealt with the (mostly Java related) problems,

but thos one has me stumped.


Any ideas and/or suggestions are more than welcome,

I'm slowly getting desparate,