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    Combining Multiple Forms


      When I was first beginning to use File Maker I was developing a different form for our different needs. Now I find that there is a need to bring all of the different forms into 1 file. Is there a simple way to bring all of the files together so that it is one file? I assume I will be using different layouts to get the same effect as the various files, however am I going to need to essentially recreate the entire layout?

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          There is no "easy" button to push that merges files together.  However, I recommend most companies develop using primarily one file for this reason because combining them later can be difficult.  You will have to copy the schema (tables) and recreate the table occurrences.  Then you'll have to copy the layouts (no automated way, have to create the parts first and paste the fields and objects in aftewards).  Then you'll have to copy the scripts.  Some of the copy functions will ony work on FileMaker Pro Advanced. 


          Why are you bringing it together as a single file?  If the reason is the issue of having to manage security on several different databases, you can alternatively use Active Directory or Open Directory for each of the files thereby needing one signon for all of them.  And the files can see each other equally well if they are on the same server as if they are in different files.

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            Ok, I figured that was going to be the case.  I was just hoping for a simpler or faster way. 


            The need to combine the files is more to ensure everyone is using the most updated file, and to lessen the amount of different files needed for updating. 

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              Maybe I didn't fully understand your situation.  Do you have a bunch of FileMaker files you have distributed around to different people to use them like you might do with an Excel spreadsheet?  If so, then the solution would be to get a server and let people connect by compute, iOS or web browser and everyone would be working from the same form on the server.  Is that the situation?

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                We have multiple filemaker files and multiple users using the different files depending upon their different field needs.  Combining into 1 file will simplify everyones life instead of trying to remember which file you need to open for what.